Backup Solution

Russell IT Solutions provide a comprehensive backup and restore solution. This service is aimed at businesses who are looking for a secure and reliable backup solution.

We provide you with FTP access to your own space on our servers which you can send backups to as often as you'd like. Once your backup is on our server, it is then taken care of by our own backup system to ensure that your files are as safe as we can possibly make them.

Our servers automatically backup every three hours and these files are held securely at a minimum of two off-site locations at any time. If a file is deleted from the backup, it is kept in our backups for twelve months so you have the peace of mind that you're files are safe, no matter what. We use a fully automated backup system, so you can be sure that your backups are being backed up and never missed.

For more information, please request a quote and advise us of how much storage you require.

Prices start from just £10 + VAT per month.